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F-Class - Bi-pods and rear bags

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Lets talk about what is needed for shooting rest for F-class

specifically F/TR but we can talk about Open class as well

I need info on what ya'll like for bi-pods Harris (what model?) why?

what kind of rear bag.....what style...why? what do ya'll fill em with....

The options are endless...F class shooters....help me decide

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A lot of people use the Harris 6-9" swivel bipod. Some use the Sinclair F-Class. It is what works best for you. I started using the Harris but didn't like the way it hopped every time I broke a shot.
Using the Harris you have to preload it or lean into it and grip the rifle pretty tight at the back to help control recoil. The bipod always tried to skoot away from me, some would replace the feet with pod claws to get a better grip but some ranges have concrete firing lines. I built mine similar to the Sinclair, with that type you let the rifle recoil as long as you have it set-up to recoil straight back. Get a rear bag that your butt stock will fit in the ears all the way to the bottom nice and snug. One with stiff walls that won't roll around on you because you don't want to have to fight it to keep it in position during your string. Fill it with heavy sand that you can get from Sinclair.
jbpmidas said:
X-Ring, how much to fabricate one?
I put a lot of work in that one that Neck now has, I relized it would be cheaper to just buy the Sinclair.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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