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f-class rest take a look

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could not find a rest just like i wanted so i made a few today weighs 28 pounds what ya think
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well not really sure kinda testing the waters right now need to set a price still have a few issues to work out need better looking adjustment knobs thinking about clear knobs with red white and blue swirls
thank you all for the comments few kinks to work out but overall feels very good and solid gonna make some 2 peice pads bottom one with 3 spikes top on a bearing for up down movement without spikes having to turn in ground . also add handles on each side to pick up and place. and oh yea the toilet paper roll hanger on the side
not really sure yet have to see just how much i have in them i made enough parts for six three are spoken for still making improvements made some better adjusting feet for mine today hope to go try it out at 600 monday
have made a few from the acrilic 7 i think then made 3-4 with a steel base with each one a improvement over the last only problem is i just do not have the time to produce any right now at the current time i am out of town working about as much as i am in town and when in i have parts for companies to make not a bad problem to have just not enough to go around
1 - 5 of 45 Posts
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