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f-class rest take a look

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could not find a rest just like i wanted so i made a few today weighs 28 pounds what ya think
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I don't see a bottle opener on that bad boy. :lol4: Maybe something to pump coolant to my barrel or a fan to help with the heat. I don't really understand what you were talking about on you feet. I have some disc that i rest my caldwell on that helps. Spikes may work well for wooden benches but I worry about them sinking into the ground unevenly. I would also keep the knobs on the smaller side. Bigger knobs invite way way to much torque. Do you buy the actual front rest and slide it in there. I like the one on the demo much better than my calwell. With everyone having one at BougeChitto you might need to have somewere to place you name on the baseplate. :clap:
1 - 1 of 45 Posts
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