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f-class rest take a look

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could not find a rest just like i wanted so i made a few today weighs 28 pounds what ya think
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Noticed it was January but didn't notice the 2011. Did Alton ever start selling these?
have made a few from the acrilic 7 i think then made 3-4 with a steel base with each one a improvement over the last only problem is i just do not have the time to produce any right now at the current time i am out of town working about as much as i am in town and when in i have parts for companies to make not a bad problem to have just not enough to go around
With this economy having to much work is definitely a good thing. You do realize that there is 24 hours in a day and sleep is optional!!! :lol4:
I havent figured out when Alton sleeps. haaa.
Looks Great!
41 - 45 of 45 Posts
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