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F-Class shooting was the brainchild of Canadian George Farquharson and the "F" was derived from his last name.

Mr. Farquharson came up with the idea of F-Class to enable he and other older shooters to continue competing alongside "iron sight" shooters who used a sling. Basically, he replaced the iron sights with a scope and replaced the sling hold with the option of using either a front bi-pod or a rest. F-Class is shot from the prone position where the shooters lay on a mat.

He convinced the Canadian NRA (DCRA) to approve his idea and F-Class was begun as an official shooting sport in Canada in the 90's.

This idea caught on fire and very quickly spread to the British Commonwealth, Germany, France, Netherlands and to the United States.

As the sport grew in the United States, NRA officially accepted it and today F-Class has tens of thousands of shooters in the United States and the rest of the World and is, by far, the fastest growing shooting discipline in the United States....... (editor here...aint certain about that but its what they say!)

Currently, F-Class shooters shoot on targets that are half the size of the targets used by iron sight shooters, which raises the bar for shooters dramatically and increases the level of skill required to reach the top. This sport is enjoyed by young and old alike. The number of women shooters and family participation has also increased in F-Class shooting.

The first World Championship was held in Ottawa, Canada in 2002. The United States won the gold medal. The second World Championship was held in South Africa in 2005 and the United States won a silver medal. Thereafter, it was decided by all the countries' NRAs that this event had grown in stature and should be held every four years. The last World F-Class Championship was held in Bisley, England in July 2009.

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