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Fastest draw ever?

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He is fast but I dont like his personality. And his comments on Old West Gunfighters (Being shot in the back, they ALL died that way) is wrong. Some of the better known did die in ambushes, but others died in gunbattles and many died of old age and illness. There is not much to them going one on one face to face though.

From Wiki:
Gunfighters King Fisher, John Wesley Hardin, Ben Thompson, Billy the Kid, and Wild Bill Hickok all died as a result of ambush, killed by men who feared them because of their reputation. Gunmen Kid Curry, Jim Courtright, Dallas Stoudenmire and Dave Rudabaugh were killed in raging gun battles, much as portrayed in films of the era, and usually against more than one opponent. Bill Longley and Tom Horn were executed. Famed gunman Clay Allison died in a wagon accident. Gunmen Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, Commodore Perry Owens, and Luke Short all died of natural causes, living out their lives on reputation and avoiding conflict in secluded retirement.

Not to hijack the post but here is a great and factual read about Gunmen that is in contradiction to his comment:

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I saw this guy on that TV series "Amazing SHots" about a month ago. He is supposedly the new "fastest" and for a living he is a hairdresser. On Amazing shots he cut a card in half. Cant remember his name though.


Just watched Bob Munn split a card with one shot, the other guy took 5 shots to do it.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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