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Feds Seize 30 Toy Machine Guns!

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Feds seize 30 'machine guns' at Tacoma's Wa port

U.S. Customs and Border Protection said Wednesday that its officers have seized a shipment of what it describes as 30 machine guns (M-4 automatic rifles) shipped from Taiwan.

The guns were fashioned to shoot plastic balls but could have easily become real weapons, the feds said.

The shipment arrived on Oct. 20 at Tacoma and has been investigated since. The guns were seized Feb. 8.

The shipment was described as toys and parts and valued at $10,000.

Officers examined it and found the rifles. They were the same size, weight and look of M-4 rifles. There were no serial numbers that a real gun would have but neither were there orange-blaze tips, which are required for all imported toy guns.

Investigation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive showed that the guns had been tooled to shoot plastic balls. However, parts could be switched out quickly to allow them to fire live ammunition.

ATF lab results indicated the rifle to be a WE-Tech, Model AWSS M4CQBR, Airsoft M-4 copy.

The guns will be destroyed.
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Who are these people putting expensive m4 parts in airsoft guns? They obviously are unstable and should be locked away!


They must not be able to find any Army Reservists to mess with. Quick, someone put a forgrip on your pistol (it will make it have the firepower of a howitzer or something according to BATF logic) so a toy company can make a profit!
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