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Feedback Thread 1-29-2011 22F-Class Shoot

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Let me hear your feedback!! As stated at the beginning of the match; this is a work in progress and we would like to make it enjoyable to as many as possible ... what was good, what was bad, and any new ideas!!

Mrs.Hammer has suggested we let Relay 1 score Relay 2 -- excellent idea!!
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My thanks also to the Captain and others who got this together. It felt good to dust off the old smallbore equipment and smell some smoke. We have been needing something like this for a long time that new shooters can come to and be comfortable. It was nice to see shooters of all levels having a good time and enjoying their rifles whatever they brought. I also suspect that the matches will go faster when everyone learns what to do and what is expected.
What the Captain is suggesting is sounds exactly how the NRA has managed conventional smallbore matches forever. The 100yd target is black and we would not have to re-invent anything. Somebody spent a lot of time and ink on the targets we shot yesterday. The NRA target is available to use and I believe everyone would enjoy it. Our scores might go up numerically :), and with some of the hard holding I saw yesterday, X-counts can figure out who did the best if need be. This target would also permit someone to use iron sights if they were brave enough or God forbid they had a scope malfunction.

If we were pulling targets in the pits, I would not be for unlimited sighters, but for smallbore, I really don't care how many sighters someone else shot. As long as everybody has the same opportunity, you can do what works for you.
I suspect most all of the "old" (that's experienced, not aged) shooters had spotting scopes they were not using. I would certainly loan mine to any shooter with a lower powered scope on their rifle to assist their spotting. That would hold some of the chatter down when they were having to turn around and ask for help. The dedicated sighter target would help with that also as has already been stated above.

I also have no problem with anyone helping a junior for the whole period right next to me. I'm as serious as anybody, but let's keep everything in perspective. These are informal, local, one of a kind, fun matches, that can stay that way if we let it. The distance, wind and mirage just happens to throw enough challenge into it to interest the "old" shooters. Magnolia R&P tried the NRA smallbore matches back in the 1980s. It didn't fly, because of the rules for an approved match were so regimented that they did not allow any slack, and all the new shooters simply gave up fast. Many never even tried. I believe "F class" style shooting can overcome this and be more enjoyable.

I hope we can keep it easy on the rules, targets, and course of fire for the sake of the new shooters having an experience that they will want to repeat. I believe from the comments that have been posted, we are onto something that is fun and we should at least experiment with different targets that would include iron sight shooters or low powered scope shooters (with spotting scopes).
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