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Feedback Thread 1-29-2011 22F-Class Shoot

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Let me hear your feedback!! As stated at the beginning of the match; this is a work in progress and we would like to make it enjoyable to as many as possible ... what was good, what was bad, and any new ideas!!

Mrs.Hammer has suggested we let Relay 1 score Relay 2 -- excellent idea!!
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Great match! We enjoyed it thoroughly! That's about all we talked about for the 3+hour drive home. Of course, shooting is about all we talk about anyway, that and our loving wives!

Sub, you told me to bring my "A" game, so I brought it and a lot of luck!!!!!
I think congratulations are in order for the 2 clean targets!

Way to go Captain and Suber!
Here is my training regimen for prone shooting:

3 nights a week a lie in the floor, on my belly, and watch TV. About the time I get comfortable, my kids come full speed and jump on my back and chhoke me and tickle me and whatever else they think they can get away with.

It's not scientific, but my neck isn't sore.
A dedicated sighter is not a bad idea, especially for those that "hold off" instead of making sight adjustments. However, I disagree with the unlimited number of sighters and swapping between scorers and sighters.

I think the best solution would be to make a couple of lanes available for shooters between relays to fix problems. Also, if possible, a 30 minute prep time before the match for shooters, who need to, get ready.
The downside is distraction to other shooters. Attempting to fire my rounds and others being coached through sighters can be detrimental to focus.

Question: When is coaching allowed? Through sighters? Through all rounds fired?
If coaching is allowed, that's fine, everyone, including me, will get used to it. I just didn't know if it was allowed or regulated.
Or, coaching should be limited to sighters. Folks with low power or irons need some help adjusting. But, when you start firing for score, you're on your own.
I believe unlimited sighters could be allowed for new shooters. Also, coaches, or spotters, should be allowed for 12x and under on sighters.

On the unlimited sighters, I just believe it takes away from the advantage of people who have taken the time to come prepared. SGMJody and I took the time to prepare and practice. We knew when we got to the match, we were ready!
I'm good with however you decide to run it. I will prepare and practice the same, and next time I can, will compete again.
I say you give unlimited sighters to new shooters and juniors.

New shooter= First time 22 RF F-Class shooter regardless of experience in other shooting disciplines.
They'll be in Starkville, not Amory. And, they will be on different days, unless we do the postal match.
PM or e-mail when you want to come shoot.

[email protected]

If I'm not off, SGMJody will be.
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