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Feedback Thread 1-29-2011 22F-Class Shoot

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Let me hear your feedback!! As stated at the beginning of the match; this is a work in progress and we would like to make it enjoyable to as many as possible ... what was good, what was bad, and any new ideas!!

Mrs.Hammer has suggested we let Relay 1 score Relay 2 -- excellent idea!!
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Big thanks to Captain for getting the match put together, running it, and taking on the Match Director job for these matches. I enjoyed the match and hope to make more (with a different rifle).

Also thanks to everyone who helped put up and take down the targets.

P.S. I also like the idea of one relay scoring the other unless we only have one relay.
What about having a set amount of time to get sighters in, say 5 minutes? I believe a separate target for sighters would be great. We allow 10 sighters before each highpower match and usually get all sighters done in about 20 minutes on average, I think (that includes walking down to the 200 yard targets and marking the first five shots then walking back up to the firing line).
shoeshooter said:
SGF's plan works for me. Let's don't create solutions for non-existent problems.
+1 :thumbup:
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