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Feedback Thread 1-29-2011 22F-Class Shoot

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Let me hear your feedback!! As stated at the beginning of the match; this is a work in progress and we would like to make it enjoyable to as many as possible ... what was good, what was bad, and any new ideas!!

Mrs.Hammer has suggested we let Relay 1 score Relay 2 -- excellent idea!!
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captain-03 said:
I know that all hardcore competition shooters will have their rifles in match condition prior to any competition; however, I would like to see anyone willing to come out a shoot be given a fair advantage – thus possibly increasing our participation in this event.

Here is something I am considering after observing several shooters yesterday having a problem “getting on target”. Instead of having two targets with a sighter box at the top, we actually have 3 targets per string of 20. The first target would be for your sighter rounds and the other two for scoring. We had some shooters who did not know where their shots were going because of the small area used for the sighters. Also, this should eliminate the issue of sighter rounds going into the scoring rings below the sighter box.

Also, I would propose placing no limit on the number of sighter rounds fired or when they could be fired. However, the time limit would not change for shooting your sighter rounds and completing the 20 rounds for record. It would stay at 20 minutes. If you elected to shoot 25 sighter rounds onto your sighter target – OK; however, that goes into your 20 minutes to shoot the 20 rounds for score onto the other two targets.

We also had a couple issues with optics yesterday. I would propose permitting the shooter to go back to the sighter target at anytime during the firing string. However, they can have no more that 10 shots in each scoring target. Example: You are shooting the scoring target for score and have a couple rounds go haywire … you will be permitted to go back to your sighter target and shoot it to check for a problem and/or make the necessary adjustments. You can then go back to your scoring target and complete your 10 rounds for score. Of course, ALL of this must take place within your allotted time of 20 minutes per string. If more than 10 shots are within the scoring target, the highest number hit will be disallowed.

This proposal would not slow down the match and would permit shooters a little flexibility …. Give me your Pros and Cons!!
i didnt shoot yesterday but i like that idea, and i'm with shoe i think printing the targets in black would be easier to see
SubGunFan said:
Oh no..... Just no custom guns in Sporter Division. Your fancy 10/22 will have to shoot with us "big boys"....... :)

cant i shoot with miss hammer???? i know she can beat me! i need some serious practice time but i need warmer weather b4 thats gonna happen
awesome ideas! and yea i know mrs hammer. with her new toys she's gonna be awesome!!! i gotta practice so i can quit getting beat by an 8 yr old
itd be awesome if the ones at magnolia and the ones in amory were different days. i might just have to go to both
that would be closer for me. id have to come shoot with ya'll some
jbpmidas said:
We'd be glad to have you!
i'll have to come over sometime.... even if it will kill me to be that close to state......

gonna have to try using my sling next match now that i know we can
1 - 6 of 80 Posts
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