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Feral hog problem... and solution.

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This west Texas farmer had a feral-hog problem.

He... HAD a hog problem. :awesome:

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GunOneDown said:
Bet yall that those guys are kin to "nonnie" somewhere down the line. heck, that might be him in the pic.
pork for supper this year is all I can say.......
HAHA,, not me.. but we have hot problems at the farm.. I have the game camera setup and catching their modeling skillz..
Just wait till i finish the Samurai... its gonna be lit up a football stadium.

When we are out at the farm doin night patrol, very few critters get away from us :D
you have dogs?

We started baiting them and gonna set up the trap soon.
Im not sure what species we have out on the farm, but there is a group of about 20-25 running around. There are a ton of small groups of them all over the state from what ive been told by some guys that run them with dogs on the weekends. They have been all over the state running them down and killin them with a knife.
Ive got 3 cameras set out on the farm with no luck..
But we find new rooting places every week.. They are gonna start cutting the corn end of this week so im gonna sit out there and see if i can atleast take a pop shot at one if it runs out.

Rbelote, pm me your number or something.
We have a Vet from Meadville that came up last time with his kids and a friend that tried to run them with dogs with no luck.
We put the dogs out at the last place we had seen the hogs. they got on one hog and bayed it, but we couldnt get to the dog in time. this went on for hours.
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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