Fiber optic pistol sights, what do you recommend?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by achancesw, May 13, 2018.

  1. achancesw

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    I'm wanting to see a bit better with my 226. I have a fiber sight on my 1911 and i like it, but it came with it.

    What company makes a good one?

  2. Dave

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  3. jakeg823

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  4. dhollis51

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    Dawson Precision are some of the best on the market. Tried and true sights.
  5. Jarhead5811

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    I have these on three pistols and have thought I’d just go with their fiber optic only version, (cost half as much) if I had a pistol that I wasn’t planning to carry. One cool thing about the TFXs, IMO, is that even after the tritium dies, they’ll still be great fiber optic sights.
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  6. JohnHeiter

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    There are lots of varieties of FO sights. You will want to look at a few to determine what width and height you want for your blade as well as the width of fiber you want to go with. Some like a small dot, some want a glowing basketball. Fiber gets less vibrant over time as it gets exposed to oil, dirt, etc. so you'll want one that the fiber is easily replaceable. I like to change colors periodically as well because I have a bad habit of looking over the top of the sights and I find that the color change tends to draw my eyes back to the front sight where they should be. Agreed that Dawson sights are quality and they offer a wide variety of choices.
  7. flyinrev

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    Is this for your primary carry pistol, or is it a range gun? The need for night capability would possibly make the choice different. I have put two sets of Dawson FO sights on day-only range/competition pistols, but Truglo on my carry pistol. Love them both.
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