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Finally finished SPS Tac 308

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My camera bit the dust so here are a few crappy cell phone pic's.

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sidroski said:
At least tease us with a few (ok, all) of the details.
Scope: Wotac 4-14x50mm
Stock: Bell & Carlson's A3 Light Tactical with thumb hook and glass bedded.
Bottom Metal and Mags: Wyatt's DBM
Bolt Knob: EGW's C-Beveled
Cheek Piece: Karsten Model A Cheek-Piece
Base: EGW HD 20 MOA Base
Rings: EGW HD Tactical
Bipod:Harris Model S-BR 6"-9"
And soon to be dipped in HOLY WATER.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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