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Finally fired my Camp Perry CMP Garand

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I fired my Camp Perry CMP Purchase today and I am not unhappy with it. It was made by Springfield in 1954. It has the original barrel on it and the correct stock. I fired it from double sand bags on a concrete bench at 100 yards on an NRA B8 Rapid Fire 25 yard pistol target. The ammunition was Lake City 1969 .30 M2 Ball. The first shot struck the target at 2 o'clock in the 9 ring. The second after sight adjustments about 10o'clock in the 9 ring. Another sight adjustment and it was 10's and x's from then on. This rifle is a field Grade for $495.00. My friend got one too and I picked it for him. It shoots about the same as mine.

My friend says I know how to pick them.

Doug Bowser
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Yeah, but the x-ring is 3" in diameter...................

Just messing with you Doug. Looks like you found a GOOD Field Grade Garand.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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