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Finally got a supertuck

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I've been wanting one for a couple years now, especially since I got my permit. I've been toting my Kimber compact cdp II in a Milt sparks vm2 and it's comfortable, but I got it from a gun show, so I was limited to brown(I wear mostly black belts and shirts). I've also been limited on which size 1911 I could carry. So last week I ordered a Supertuck off of midway for the faster shipping time.

I've only worn the Sparks and this holster so far, but as far as comfort goes this holster is definitely the better of the 2. I've hardly taken it off since I got it Friday, and have kept my Govt model High Standard in it. For some reason I just want to carry a full size 1911.

The full size hides just as well in this holster as my Compact Kimber does! Only a slight corner shows, and I'm hoping that once I lose a few more pounds(I'm down to 252 from 268, 5 weeks ago) and lose these love handles.

But I do have one problem which is supposedly easily remedied. The kydex is a little more loose than I'd like for a carry gun and might be the other cause for the grip showing slightly because it's able to shift outwards instead of pulling tight to my body. Granted, in my wasteband with my belt tight it's not going anywhere! But I still don't like the thought. Mine didn't come with instructions to mold the holster, and what I'm finding online in other forums is limited to a hair dryer and covering up areas that don't need to be shaped with a wet bath cloth. Does anyone have any experience with this and can offer some pointers until crossbreed gets back to me?

Also how do y'all let yalls ride? I've got mine at the stock height right now. With it being a bit loose adjusting the cant and height only seem to make it worse.
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My super tuck is so tight that the first time I tried to draw my officers size 1911 I almost ripped my jeans off! lol I cant grip the pistol normally and draw it....I have to place my thumb on the rear sight with my fingers around the grip and snatch stright up or it aint moving. It has gottin a bit better as I've broken it in but not by much....I guess the horse hide doesn't streach very much.

I dropped the ride hight of my b/c it was rubbing on my leg now its super comfortable. Also i tried on a buddy of mines milt sparks it wasnt no where near as comfortable as crossbreed; espiecialy for the wait time and the coast of it.

I'm thinking about buying another one for my glock or xd...maybe both lol
I ordered mine stright from crossbreed since I'm a lefty....it took about 3 weeks for it to come in.

If its a sinlge stack why not just drop the extra mags in your back pocket...thats that I do.
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