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Finally got a supertuck

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I've been wanting one for a couple years now, especially since I got my permit. I've been toting my Kimber compact cdp II in a Milt sparks vm2 and it's comfortable, but I got it from a gun show, so I was limited to brown(I wear mostly black belts and shirts). I've also been limited on which size 1911 I could carry. So last week I ordered a Supertuck off of midway for the faster shipping time.

I've only worn the Sparks and this holster so far, but as far as comfort goes this holster is definitely the better of the 2. I've hardly taken it off since I got it Friday, and have kept my Govt model High Standard in it. For some reason I just want to carry a full size 1911.

The full size hides just as well in this holster as my Compact Kimber does! Only a slight corner shows, and I'm hoping that once I lose a few more pounds(I'm down to 252 from 268, 5 weeks ago) and lose these love handles.

But I do have one problem which is supposedly easily remedied. The kydex is a little more loose than I'd like for a carry gun and might be the other cause for the grip showing slightly because it's able to shift outwards instead of pulling tight to my body. Granted, in my wasteband with my belt tight it's not going anywhere! But I still don't like the thought. Mine didn't come with instructions to mold the holster, and what I'm finding online in other forums is limited to a hair dryer and covering up areas that don't need to be shaped with a wet bath cloth. Does anyone have any experience with this and can offer some pointers until crossbreed gets back to me?

Also how do y'all let yalls ride? I've got mine at the stock height right now. With it being a bit loose adjusting the cant and height only seem to make it worse.
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Ha I know hair dryer and wet towel but can I get some more details? Like how to mold it? Just put the gun in the hot kydex and form it? I read not to just heat it and let it shrink cuz it'll mess up the kydex...any specifics on the process would be great
Should I just do the trigger guard or attempt to tighten up all the other parts of the kydex as well. It's obvious that the kydex is pretty much mass produced, but still works well
Ok cool. Its secure in my but I'm just worried about if I take off the holster and gun together if I were to accidentally slip or something and the gun were to fall out.

What about their IWB mag carrier? Anyone tried that? It's comparably priced to all the other mag carriers on the market that aren't like bass pro specials
No luck with a hair dryer, I think my fiance's dad has a heat gun, so I might bum his when he gets home this weekend
Myers said:
It must have been your hair dryer, cause I know a woman's hair dryer must push about 10000 watts.. :lol3:
Ha no just an older hair dryer
Like I've said before, I'm horrible on knife clips! So as you can guess, the metal clips on the crossbreed are no different. Wore out the rear one after a couple weeks when I was leaning against something and got it hung up. Emailed CB last Sunday, and had 2 new clips in on Thursday!

Can't beat that kind of customer service!!

If these 2 don't last then I'll try out a couple of their other styles, but as long as he'll keep sending me replacements I'll probably like these best!
I've got mine set all the way down up front and one from te top in the back and I really do forget it's there.

I want one for my xdm now. I also want one of their double mag carriers! Gotta order that straight from crossbreed though cuz midway is out of stock of anything that bears the crossbreed name right now
kcin said:
I ordered mine stright from crossbreed since I'm a lefty....it took about 3 weeks for it to come in.

If its a sinlge stack why not just drop the extra mags in your back pocket...thats that I do.
I do ha that's the problem. I carry too much other bs in my pockets
Well, after 2 months of near daily carry in it, outside of with certain pairs of shorts when I just had to use my VM2, or I was at school, I decided the ST is Definitely here to stay, so I ordered a crossbreed double mag carrier off midway and it came in this afternoon.

This carrier is cowhide, and still very pristine looking for something as ugly as a crossbreed holster. The mag carriers are built on the supertuck platform, so im confident in its abilities.

I played with it some when I got home. It is NOT meant for hip carry...my shorts are extremely loose since I've lost 34lbs since the Sunday after thanksgiving, and I couldn't get the button within 2 inches of closing at the 3:00 position.

So, due to the odd belt loop positioning of the shorts I was wearing I was forced to try it at 6:00ish, and there was no evidence of mags whatsoever. As its set from crossbreed they ride fairly low, and I have one more notch left to raise them if I decide to. I was using Kimpro Compact Tacmags in it, so I don't know how a full size mag will show just yet.

I snapped a couple of pictures with my iPhone, and will be using the photobucket app to post them, so bear with me as they're in no particular order. I just wanted to show the depth of the mags(I might have to install the base pads :( ), and also wanted to show how different it looks to my more worn in supertuck, thanks to a month of carrying my High Standard Govt model that needs some serious dehorning!

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I'm honestly not sure what it was...it's just less comfortable in general. Also the sparks seems to pinch my leg a bit when sitting...the crossbreed will too if I accidentally put it too far forward, but then it's my fault. And the sparks shifts sometimes...the crossbreed is anchored down pretty good, and I've never noticed it out of place.

However, the sparks rides very high, and to achieve a decent cant on the supertuck I have to let it ride low, so the checkered msh on my Kimber digs into my sparetire a bit, but nothing tucking my undershirt in doesn't cure.
interesting story from this evening(last night now i suppose). My fiance and I were coming in from visiting with a friend of mine's parents who had stopped by(i was having some tranny issues w/ my ranger, and the dad is a Ford mechanic), and when we came in she playfully slapped the small of my back/left hip area and found out about my new mag carrier in a painful way :rotflmao:

She now has a nice bruised palm, and sore fingers...I, on the other hand, wouldn't have known it had happened if she hadnt yelled and I hadn't heard the plastic and metal pop!

her response after the pain subsided was "WTF WAS THAT? AND WHEN DID YOU START PUTTING IT BACK THERE!?!?"

so...sum of the story.....the dual mag carrier hides pretty dang good since I've been wearing it all weekend and she hasnt noticed till now!
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