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Finally got my shipping notification from the CMP for the 1911's

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As some of you know last year the CMP announced that they were getting 1911's returned from the military and would offer for sale to the civilian market. The Department of the Army authorized a shipment of up to 10,000 pistols but it is believed 8,000 or so were received for sale.

Last year in September I sent in my packet to try to purchase one. Well, it has been a year and a month and today I got the call that my pistol will be shipped to me today.

I cannot wait to see what I will get; Colt, Ithaca, Remington Rand, US&S. Will it be a true 1911 or a 1911a1

I will post photos once I get it picked up.
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They are near the end of the list I think so you just did get one, so congrats for sure! They've been some nice looking pistols from what I've seen. Look forward to the pictures.

I kinda wish I'd put in for one, but I'm not a pistol collector. I'd have ended up selling it the next time a nice 1903A3 or Swede came along! ...then I'd be in trouble with the CMP gestapo LOL.

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I understand your attraction to the 03's and the 03a3's. Have you been following the CMP forum? There have been some nice examples of both at the store over in Anniston. I have thought of making a trip there.
Yea, definitely temping on the trip.
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