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Finally got my shipping notification from the CMP for the 1911's

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As some of you know last year the CMP announced that they were getting 1911's returned from the military and would offer for sale to the civilian market. The Department of the Army authorized a shipment of up to 10,000 pistols but it is believed 8,000 or so were received for sale.

Last year in September I sent in my packet to try to purchase one. Well, it has been a year and a month and today I got the call that my pistol will be shipped to me today.

I cannot wait to see what I will get; Colt, Ithaca, Remington Rand, US&S. Will it be a true 1911 or a 1911a1

I will post photos once I get it picked up.
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I stopped by last Thursday on the way to GA hoping for a M1917, but there were none that day. I grabbed a 1903 off the rack just to kill some time since I was there and saw it was a Mark 1 with a 1/19 bbl, muzzle and throat of 1 & 2, and nice bore and wood. So I bought it without looking at any other rifles. I need to stop checking out the guns there when I drive by.

Sorry for the hijack, we need photos of your new 1911.
Trailboss, what have the prices on M1917’s been at CMP? What conditions?
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