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  1. martind903

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    I received an e-mail today from Collectibles Insurance Services, LLC regarding insurance for firearms. To date, I really haven't thought about what kind and how much insurance I might need. I'm talking about insurance for the physical firearms, not liability.

    I don't have a large selection, but it does add up to $7,000+.

    What are others doing about insurance?

    Not sure if this is the right forum, let me know if there is already a thread for this.
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    Following this post............
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  3. HotRod61

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    Have often thought about it. To date we have none. So I’ll be following this thread as well

    Great subject that’s probably not talked about too much.
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  4. Chicknman

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    I had insurance on my firearms once years ago. I live in a better area now and I don't have insurance. The main reason I don't have it is because you have to turn in a detailed inventory of your guns including serial numbers. I prefer not to have that information sitting in a database where it may be accessed at some point in the future by our benevolent government when they decide to protect us from wicked firearms. If they ever decide they need access to these insurance company files they will find a way to make it legal to take the info they need.
  5. Southern Reloading

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    I lost 434 when we moved! Insurance is, oops was with SIAI, It is the insurance through NSSA but they offer insurance to all gun owners. Here's the link. Great folks, not expensive and will settle almost immediately, Sportsman's Insurance Agency, Inc.
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  6. mascott

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    Sounds very reasonable!
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  7. Chicknman

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    If I had most of my net worth tied up in guns I would probably have to insure some of them, but as it stands 90% of what I own is off the books and I'm ok with the risk.
  8. stewbaby

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  9. I just have the (free) basic gun insurance provided thru my NRA Membership for firearms 'collections' valued up to $2,500. If I had any guns, that is. ;)

    NRA also offers ArmsCare Plus insurance thru Lockton Affinity for 'collections' valued over $2,500 at reasonable rates, without requiring serial numbers. Lockton assesses an additional $20 administrative fee annually, however.
    ArmsCare® Plus Firearms Insurance for NRA Members
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  10. Richard

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    USAA gave me a great rate for those of you that qualify. Did have to give the serial numbers but I'm o.k. with that. Don't have anything to hide and I ain't skeeked. Worth the peace of mind.
  11. martind903

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    I got the e-mail from Gun listing Collectibles Insurance Services, LLC.
    Any body heard about ? I really hesitant to go with a company I don't have information or reference.
    I will check out Sportsman's Insurance Agency, Inc. and
    Historic Firearms Insurance | Eastern Insurance Group LLC

    Collectibles Insurance Services, LLC
    Did you know a standard homeowners policy...
    • Typically limits coverage to $1,000 to $2,500 for theft of firearms
    • May require you to appraise and schedule all firearms individually
    • Commonly settles claims based on actual cash value (replacement cost minus depreciation) LESS your deductible
    Collectibles Insurance Services offers...
    • FULL burglary and theft coverage up to your policy limit
    • Less paperwork — only individual firearms valued $25,000+ need to be scheduled
    • $0 deductible — providing coverage for the market value of your collection
    Proven and trusted since 1966.
    All coverage is provided by a carrier with a group rating of "A" (Excellent) by A. M. Best, the leading rating agency for the insurance industry.

    Coverage starting at $50.
    Get a quote online or call our expert Collectibles Insurance team. 888-837-9537 (8:30am - 5pm ET, Monday - Friday)

    **Serial numbers NOT required**
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  12. Southern Reloading

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    I actually only have paper on 11 guns. Most insurance wants to verify the value. If you have some worth money it is very important to me to have them insured. And I HATE insurance companies. SIAI is not like most.
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  13. mascott

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    That Armscare appears to be one of the best values. That is assuming it will do what it actually says. NRA has saved me big money on life and health insurance already, with excellent service.
  14. Agree.

    It's a sad sign of the times (to me) that we need insurance for almost everything these days, including for those (drivers) without insurance, for legally exercising our G0d-given right to self-defense, and for homeowner's insurance that doesn't cover firearms losses or home loss from flooding and earthquakes. JMO.

    At least we don't live near a volcano in Hawaii! :)
  15. rigrat

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    Thats because insurance is the best racket since Social Security.
  16. Southern Reloading

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    Leans I actually pay for earthquake ins. It's cheap and since we are on one of the longest faults in the country I see it as sensible. As for flood I'm at 82 feet so if I get flooded just take the coast off the map!!!

  17. Too bad we can't buy insurance for "bad government" ...

    I actually pay for flood insurance, and we're at 400'. Peace of mind.
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  18. tha1000

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    I use Collectibles Insurance Services, and have for several years. Their rates are considerably less than other options like the NRA plan. Additionally, you only have to schedule firearms in excess of a certain value, where as a lot of policies want an up to date list of everything you own and want coverage on. They also cover firearms left in a locked car, or shipped (i believe), and accessories, etc. I pay $130~ a year for $30k in coverage, I believe. I have never made a claim, so I cannot speak to their claims function.
  19. Mesquite

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    Interesting thread; for those few folks with them there fire sticks.:cool:.
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  20. steve2112

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    I was going to recommend this place. No serial numbers, and cheaper than NRA.

    I had the basic NRA insurance when I had several guns stolen last year, and they are terrible. You can only file with them after you settle with your primary insurance (homeowner's), and then you only have 90 days to do it. Good luck if your homeowner's insurance takes their time with your settlement.

    Yeah, there's always ditches, creeks, etc, that can always overflow, even if you aren't technically in a flood plain. I've been considering getting flood insurance, because my yard slopes down toward my front door, and my neighbor's yard is about 3' above mine, and I get runoff from them. I've had water get dangerously close to my front door before.