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Firearms cleaning/storage and ammo storage.....

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Howdy folks. I know this may seem like a silly question concerning I have owned guns for about 2 years now. But my question concerns the proper cleaning and storage of firearms. I own the usual cleaning supplies (oil, solvent, patches, brush, etc). But I would like to get your opinions on the proper cleaning and storage of firearms. Here is a list of what I have (I don’t know if the methods are different on each type of gun)….
Glock 26
Taurus 24/7
Ruger P95
Mossberg 500 12ga
Ruger 10-22

Basically I just need to know things like where to use solvent and where not to use it, how often should I clean the guns even when they have not been shot recently, and good tips on storage. Just a good rundown on how to properly clean them when they have and have not been shot.

Also, would it be a good idea that after so many rounds fired through a firearm (of course after several thousands of rounds or so) to have you firearms looked over by a qualified gunsmith for ware and repair?

Also, I own a lot of ammo of various calibers in which I keep stored in surplus military ammo cans. Basically the ammo just sits loosely or in boxes inside the cans. (Here is the dumb question) So can ammo “expire” or over time not be any good to shoot? What are some good tips of the storage of ammo?

I know these questions may seem stupid to yall, especially since this is probably common knowledge among gun owners. I just want to make sure I am doing things right so I can get the most life and dependability out of my firearms and ammo.

Thanks for any and all information.

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Plus one on the manual. Solvent is used to remove firing deposits and oil. Excessive cleaning and taking the gun apart cause more year than neglect so I usually just clean the bore and wipe down the outside with an oily rag. Eventually dust and dirt will mix with the oil requiring a full cleaning. If the gun is carried a lot it needs it more often than a range queen. Take you gun to a smith when it doesn't shoot accurately or has functioning problems. Ammo will last almost indefinely if in a cool dry place. Discard it when the case corrodes. I have two cans of 3006 made in 1942 I have full confidence in.
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