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Folks I just completed Day 1 of 3 days I have scheduled with Cliff....

All I can kinda say right now is WOW......I've been to several other trainers but I think the personalized attention you get from Cliff cannot not be beat....$ well spent...or as I prefer to look at it an "investment in yourself"

I fired probably 200 rds of 38 spcl today in my model 686 and learned a ton....Yes I even learned a ton in the classroom...

we went over safety, (its easy to sweep yourself reloading a revolver ) sight picture, grip and staging. Stance and holding my head straight is an area I really need to work on.

We sighted my 357 mag revolver and my 9mm in with my reloads and I even managed to hit a pepper popper with a 38 reload at 100 yards

Cliff had so many tips...I tried to write as many down as I could...

Let me tell ya folks...

Those other places I have already been (Gunsite and Rangemaster) were good training, and I learned a lot about tactics etc....

Bottom line: Cliff is teaching me how to revolver and pistol shoot and this is what I should have done a long time ago.

He's having to undo some bad habits which aint easy...so you have to come with a "clean slate" in your mind....

Every shot we sent down range had a purpose

If you can get loose, you owe to yourself to come see Cliff...

They say those that "can't do, teach" Not so...Cliff can do both and with a nice easy going no :bull: style :thumbup:


I can't wait for Day 2

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Just completed Day 3

I'm whooped...Gotta take time and think it over but I'll put something together...It was a back to basics 3 days and we worked hard and steady just like I needed...

Getting good at the basics of shooting is tough...I have about 100 things rattling around right now I could write about....

I'll say this much before turning in tonight....For the most part many of you out there are not near as proficient in handgun shooting as you need or want to be...I don't care whether its defensive shooting or competition...it matters not...Bet you need help with your sight picture, your grip, stance or trigger control...There's plenty of stuff to improve on...Can you speed load your semi in a dark room or with your eyes closed?....be honest.....ever think you might need to be able to do it? Don't know....hope not...but you owe it to yourself and your family to be proficient. Some of you might be bristling having read those comments from me...WTF do you know 'neck...well this is what I know...lots of you working stiffs out there are just like me and have gotten a little slack...but in your mind you still think you are at 100%......

All I'm saying is that if you are not working on it to improve each and every week...then you are falling behind...its a perishable skill

A good 3 days of 8 hrs a day training is just what you need...as long as you are willing to to do your due dilegence when you get home...Dry fire and the follow up training several times a week on your own at the range...that is the tough part....its work

Let me encourage you to make a commitent to improve your semi or revolver shooting skills...I consider it a wise investment of your time and $.

Check out what Cliff has to offer..... I don't think you'll be disappointed

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25% classroom 75% range

I had Cliff 1 on 1....we busted A..by my standards...probably not Cliff's though....Train harder than you'll see in a match...then the matches may seem easier....

Notice I'm using the word train...not practice....

In this thread folks I'm not saying I know better than you...I know I'm very direct...its a character flaw of mine

I'm trying to spur ya'll on to improvement and being the best you can be....we all need to improve.

I'm writing up a list of training excercises I need to do as result of my time with Cliff...I have 15 items to work on...that's a bunch and I'm not through thinking it through...

Lots of stuff to work on...and that's the point here folks...you gotta work on it

There aint no standing still or running in place...its either forward...or its backwards

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You're killin' me, 'neck. It's like every word you've written about perishable skills is for me, and I know it. I did well for a while on the dry fire and drills, but have slacked off. To top it off, I've REALLY been wanting to go get trained by Cliff anyhow, so it's like salt in an open wound.

So, do you stay at a local hotel, or was home close enough? Reason I ask, I have a daughter at MS College, and I'm wondering if I will be seeing her for dinner or if this is a can to can't endeavor and I should just see her AFTER I get finished with training.

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U can get from Clinton to Byram (location of Magnolia Rifle and pistol club) in about 20 min

They have several hotels in the Clinton and Byram area

I'd highly recommend just taking a day here and there with Cliff when time and funds allow.

He's a great instructor....pm him and set something up :thumbup:

Yeah Dry firing stinks....but we need to embrace the stink....

Quit pondering and Book it...you'll be glad you did
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