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first-aid kits

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No one has brought up first-aid yet. I'm surprised.
How many of you have one and what is in it? Do you carry one daily? What about in you vehicle or range bag?

I have one I carry everywhere, one in my range bag, two at home.
Will take a couple pics of the edc kit.
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I have a few different kits from Adventure Medical. They put together some really good pre-arranged kits that still have room for additional supplies if you want. I have a small one that I always carry and each vehicle is equipped with one. I try to make sure that medicines are swapped out once per year. I have one of their water tight versions that I keep on my kayak.

Their website lists all the contents of the various kits. I have found that useful in making the decision about everything I would ideally want in a comprehensive kit.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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