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first-aid kits

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No one has brought up first-aid yet. I'm surprised.
How many of you have one and what is in it? Do you carry one daily? What about in you vehicle or range bag?

I have one I carry everywhere, one in my range bag, two at home.
Will take a couple pics of the edc kit.
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One in every auto I own...an extensive one at home...probably has 200 items....everything from ace bandages to methiolate, scissors, tweezers, bandages of all kinds, ointments, eye wash, persciptions etc etc

I carry one with me in my hunting backpack as well my range bag

Which reminds me....

One thing I don't have is something that will stop extensive bleeding....like Celtox...got to remedy that
I was gonna say Dude...I need a F-350 Dually just for the medical kit

Good reference list

Good info


Dirty is just helping ya'll out... :p

Hey Dirty Your wife is a nurse right? So He's got the 411
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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