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first bushmaster

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i got a bushmaster 223 this week end alot of people said i got a good gun. its my first black gun gonna sight it in this week end if anyone knows any buggers i need to look for
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thanks all i have a friend who reloads and he said he would fix me up and i got 200 rounds now and more friday
cool the only thand i dont like and will change this week end is the red dot scope that was my first and last no good at 100 yards. i may put it on a slug gun. moved in to about 40 yards and had some fun any ways. sorry no pic kinda dum on here :machinegun:
i got this from smiths speed shop but in gulfport at the gun show a good guy to deal witg and better prices than gander mtn.he is in pervis ms.
sorry jake dont have pics and not good on this thing
he was easy to deal with at the gun show and had some good prices on package deals . i would deal with him when i need another black gun.
cool what did u get a lower or a gun ? i would like to build one one day but dont know how yet. i will learn one day . plus wife is not wanting me to spend more money right now. lol :thumbup:
great now u can shoot instead of l00king at those little parts in the gun.
1 - 8 of 19 Posts
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