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First I ever heard of such

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Well this is interesting!

I have a few questions (i read the thread on what guns to use)
1) I am concerned about getting an abundance of marks from usiing speed loaders and moon clips on my revolver. Is there anything that can be done about to reduce/prevent it?

2) I own a DAN Wesson .357 Model 15-2. Its a 6-shot target revolver, would that be acceptable to use?

3) All my ammo is hand reloaded (by a friend) its all .38 special 158gr non-jacketed (semi-wadcutters this time) accepatable?

4) I don't have any formal training, no moon clips or speed loaders, nor any holders for such... is that still available for DW?
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We'd welcome you to come give ICORE a try.

1. I've never noticed the wear marks you speak of.

2. Your gun would be fine.

3. Your ammo is fine as long as it's safe...no squibs pr double-charges.

4. We'll give you a safety briefing, and we do have loaner equipment available.
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