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First outing with the Ultra Carry.

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This is the first time since I picked it up two and a half weeks ago that I could get out to shoot it, and man what awesome weather today! I got down to our land and pull up on the 'pistol range' just in time to see an armadillo scurry off and see he's completely trashed my shooting area - I'll have something for him next time though :thumbup: Back to the range report, I've shot a 4" 1911 before but I found I have some work to do with this little guy to get really consistent with it. I shot around 125 rounds through it and only had 1 ftf, it was with the original mag which needs to be rebuilt so I spent the rest of my rounds on the Tripp Research mag.

These are all in sequential order, my shooting continued to get better until the last magazine. These are also all from 15 yards:

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Nice weapon! I just sold my Kimber SS ultra carry II. :-( Now I'm starting to regret that decision.
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