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First real reloading experience....

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I went to SGMJody's this afternoon after work to get started on some .223/5.56 brass. Three hours later we were done with step one. I guess really it is step two because the brass was already cleaned. He weighed it and he guessed it is about 1100 rounds. So, I have it all sized and decapped. Next up will be cleaning case mouths and primer pockets. Then we will polish, charge and seat the bullets. I am excited as I have never done any real reloading. It really helps to have someone who knows what they are doing, as opposed to reading from a book and trial and error. We are going through alot of trouble on this brass, but I have seen some of the groups he fired and it will be well worth it if my rifle is up to the task.
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Well, Well - welcome to a new world!! Looks like you have teamed up with an great instructor .... I would suggest that for all new reloaders .... Nothing like seeing it done or doing it with some experience looking over your shoulder!!

Way to go, guys!!
Yep -- you getting close. Seems like all the "hard" work is about behind ya!! Charge 'em, seat a bullet and pull the trigger!!
jbpmidas said:
Quick update! I finally got to work on my ammo some more today. Moving and work sucks! I've got 1,000 primed and ready to load! That's the good news! The bad: my range brass pile is growing which means I have to start over! I guess that's some pretty good bad news.
Man, I can't wait to get out and shoot some of my own!
I just keep sorting, polishing, decapping, and trimming a little at a time, all the time. That way I always have a supply of "load ready" brass sitting on the bench.
Very good looking ammo you have there!! Let us know how they do ... There is a real satisfaction what you have created!!
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