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First real reloading experience....

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I went to SGMJody's this afternoon after work to get started on some .223/5.56 brass. Three hours later we were done with step one. I guess really it is step two because the brass was already cleaned. He weighed it and he guessed it is about 1100 rounds. So, I have it all sized and decapped. Next up will be cleaning case mouths and primer pockets. Then we will polish, charge and seat the bullets. I am excited as I have never done any real reloading. It really helps to have someone who knows what they are doing, as opposed to reading from a book and trial and error. We are going through alot of trouble on this brass, but I have seen some of the groups he fired and it will be well worth it if my rifle is up to the task.
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That 1100 rounds won't last long after you get it stuffed.

You can reload cheaper than buying ammo. That's what the line always is. Truth is, there is no savings, because you shoot alot more than you think when you roll your own.

Best thing about it is making a load that your weapon shoots well.

A "Man Cave" everyone needs one.
Yet, another comes over to the dark side.

AR's are fun to shoot, but they have to be fed.

Having the right tools makes reloading a joy instead of work. Those tools you purchase as you go so it's not a strain on the pocketbook. In time you have all the things you need, plus a "man cave" in the new house to put them in.

Case prep makes the difference between the 8/9 ring and the 10/X.

Keep having fun.
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