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First real reloading experience....

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I went to SGMJody's this afternoon after work to get started on some .223/5.56 brass. Three hours later we were done with step one. I guess really it is step two because the brass was already cleaned. He weighed it and he guessed it is about 1100 rounds. So, I have it all sized and decapped. Next up will be cleaning case mouths and primer pockets. Then we will polish, charge and seat the bullets. I am excited as I have never done any real reloading. It really helps to have someone who knows what they are doing, as opposed to reading from a book and trial and error. We are going through alot of trouble on this brass, but I have seen some of the groups he fired and it will be well worth it if my rifle is up to the task.
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i am cursed when it comes to reloading for any ar 15 . my rcbs resizing and depriming die is messed up i keep getting crooked necks . i had to use a old die somone gave me awhile back to get by because i needed the bullets to varmit hunt with thursday . the die im using made the cases to long so i had to trim them with a trimmer that had a broken handle because the handle for my rcbs trimmer has dissappeared. it took me about 3 hours to make 28 223s. the 69 gr noslers group great for me with 26 grains of varget . i always have hell workn with 223.
i basicly have 2 whole reloading setups . my rcbs and my junk . I told a guy i wood give him 50 dollars for his rcbs press and he said if he didnt have the press he didnt need the rest of it so he gave me everything exept a scale . I gave him 60 because i felt kinda guilty . so now i use one press for depriming and the other for loading that way i dont have to change out dies. plus about 3 boxes of extra equipment, dies and projectiles . I love my AR best $450 i ever spent .
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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