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FN High Power, former Wehrmacht pistol

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Live must go on after our gun law is under attack since last sunday when a lady killed her son, her man and another man in a nearby hospital. Wrote about this here, too.

There is a match next saturday at Hof, only for shooting clubs, army and officials, will start with a team of police. So I did some training today with my P7 and meet another officer from custom office at the range. He had a FN High Power for shooting, I asked if I could do some rounds. Very interesting when I remember during the war you had 6 (British), 7 (US) or 8 (most German) rounds, and then you carry a pistol with 13 rounds in magazine, total if you want 13+1. A powerfull handgun which gave you some more rounds than the enemy had. No wonder the pistol was very popular.

Greetings Uwe

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Never shot one but they feel good.

Nice guns beladran.
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