Folks, get a good look at what someone found in a pawn shop

Discussion in 'Rimfire' started by 45flattop, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. 45flattop

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    ruger_mark_ll.jpg For the princely sum of $150.00, I should get so lucky. This is the MKII Government Target
    model that sold for as I recall over $400.00 new when it was made in 1992. Some poor sad
    soul must have gotten in a real bind for money in some emergency, whatever the pawn
    shop gave him for it to resell it this cheaply, I hope he survived whatever it was.
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  3. Southern Reloading

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    Got one just like it!!!
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  4. Xd357

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    Oh my word. What a deal.
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  5. Chicknman

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    You want to double your money?:D
  6. fordpkup

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    How did Marty miss it?:lol1:
    Great find 45flattop!
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  7. NRA_guy

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    I have one just like it.

    Mine has a feeding problem---really a magazine problem. Randomly, about halfway down, a round will jam in the magazine and the spring stops pushing rounds upward.

    I have about 8 or 10 factory Ruger magazines and they all seem to do it, but not every magazine every time.

    I have cleaned the magazines and inspected them but found no visible issues.

    I tried various kinds of .22 LR and have not found any that feed reliably.

    Nobody else seems to have this problem.

    It's a safe queen.
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  8. rigrat

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    Sweet deal you got there.
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  9. mascott

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    I may be wrong, but I don't think 45flattop got that. He is just reporting it. I have been lucky many times in a pawn shop find, but Marty sure takes the prize!!!
  10. Chicknman

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    That's an odd problem. I surely would have blamed it on the ammo.
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  11. Quickeye

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    Maybe you could try removing the grips and observe magazine function, particularly the follower depressor button, to see if it snags or drags against the frame, also check for any undue pressure or compression of grip against mag., and check inside of grips for high spot and remove. Just a thought.o_O
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  12. 22lrfan

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    That's a steal. I've got a couple just like it and a Hunter model. All came from pawn shops but nowhere near that cheap.
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  13. TheBouncer1111

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    Ex may have got it in the divorce and didnt biggest fear, when I die, the wife will sell my guns for what she THINKS I paid for them.
  14. HerrZnk

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    Or pawn shop owner has to be seriously ignorant of firearms values. I've seen many who were ignorant on the high side (overpriced used guns coming out of pawn) but very few who err on the low side! I'm haggling over a mint Ithaca M37 in 16 gauge even now. It's nice but not worth what the shop owner is asking...working on my side is that it's a 16, not many people want that odd gauge.
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  15. Vick

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    So, John, how did it come to pass that you saw the gun, took it's picture, found out its price, and then didn't take it home with you??? You're starting to slip in your old age, boy! ;)
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  16. bar306

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    I'd think that's about right for a pawn shop price for that particular gun. After all, it's just another RUGGER.
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  17. 45flattop

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    Me too Randy but I got mine off of Gunbroker and mine
    came with the scope base, rings, and serial number matching box and manual.
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  18. 45flattop

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    It isn't mine Vick, I just saw a post about it by the guy
    who did purchase it for that price, on
    and thought folks would like to see something many of us
    would love to have had.
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  19. DEADEYE 1

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  20. HerrZnk

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    This is why we troll the pawn shops.
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