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Ok guys...I'll keep adding to the list as I receive them! PM me with any new ones to add! Here we go in alphabetical order...

'03 - Springfield Model 1903 30.06
2A - Second Amendment

AAMOF - As a Matter of Fact
AAR - After Action report
ACP - Automatic Colt Pistol (i.e. .25acp or .45acp)
ACOG - Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight
ACU - Army Combat Uniform
ACR - Advanced Combat Rifle
ACWW - Air Cooled Wheel Weights
AD - Accidental Discharge
AE - Action Express (i.e. .50AE)
AFAIAA - As Far as I am Aware
AFAIK - As Far As I Know
AG - Attorney General
Ag - Silver
AIT - Advanced Individual Training
AK - Kalashnikov Style Rifle
Al - Aluminum
ALICE - All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment
ALP - All Lawful Purposes
AOP - Assault on Principal
AOW - Any Other Weapon
AP - Armor Piercing
APB - All Points Bulletin
API - Armor Piercing Incendiary
APIT - Armor Piercing Incendiary Tracer
AR - Armalite
AR - Automatic Rifle
AR - Assault Rifle
ARD - Anti-Reflection Device
As - Arsenic
ASAP - As Soon As Possible
ATM - At The Moment
AWB - Assault Weapons Ban
AWOL - Absent Without Leave

BAR -Browning Automatic Rifle
BATFE - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives
BBL - Barrel
BBWC - Bevel-Base WadCutter
BC - Ballistic Coefficient
BC - Bolt Carrier
BCG - Bolt Carrier Group
BCT - Basic Combat Training
BDC - Bullet Drop Compensator
BDU - Battle Dress Uniform
BFA - Blank Firing Adapter
BG - Bad Guy
BHN - Brinell Hardness Number
BHO - Bolt Hold Open
Bi - Bismuth
BIL - Bug In Location
BIY - Build It Yourself
BL - Bayonet Lug
BMG - Browning Machine Gun
BO - Bug Out, Bail Out, Bugging Out
BOB - Bug Out Bag
BOHIC - Bend Over, Here It Comes
BOL - Bug Out Location
BOOLIT - A real Bullet -- cast with real lead
BOV - Bug Out Vehicle
BP - Black Powder
BP - Bronze Point
BPCR - Black Powder Cartridge Rifle
BR - Bench Rest
BRASS - Breathe-Relax-Aim-Slack-Squeeze
BRASSF - Breathe-Relax-Aim-Stop-Squeeze-Follow Through
BRB - Be Right Back
BRB/NTR - Be Right Back/Need to ReBeer
BRD - Black Rifle Disease
BRS - Black Rifle Syndrome
BSZ - Battle Sight Zero
Bt – Boat-tail
BTDT - Been There, Done That
BToF - Brown Truck of Fun - UPS
BTT - Back To Top or Bump To Top
BTW - By The Way
BUG - Back Up Gun
BUIS - Back Up Iron Sights
BWB - Back With Beer
BWT - Big White Truck - FedEx
BZO - Battle Sight Zero

C3 - Class 3
C&R - Curio & Relic (Federal Firearm License)
CAR - Carbine
CB – Cast Bullet
CC - Concealed Carry
CCB - Copper Clad Bullet
CCL - Concealed Carry License
CCO - Close Combat Optic
CCP - Concealed Carry Permit
CCW - Concealed Carry Weapon
CH - Concealed Hammer
CHL - Concealed Handgun License
CHP - Concealed Handgun Permit
CIII - Class 3 Weapon
CLP - Cleaner, Lubricant, Protectant
CMP - Civilian Marksmanship Program
COD - Cash on Delivery
COF -Course of Fire
COL - Cartridge Overall Length
COLL - Collapsible
COM - Center Of Mass
CONUS - Continental United States
COP - Chief Of Police
COW - Cream of Wheat / Used as a filler in reloading
Cowitness - When an optic is mounted on the same plane as the weapons iron sights
CPL - Concealed Pistol License
Cu - Copper
CQB - Close Quarters Battle
CQBR - Close Quarters Battle Receiver
CQC - Close Quarters Combat
CWP - Concealed Weapons Permit

D/L - Download
DA - Double Action
DAA - Double Action Automatic
DAISNAID - Do As I Say, Not As I Do
DAO - Double Aaction Only
DARFC - Duck And Run For Cover
DC - Dust Cover
DCH - Detachable Carry Handle
DCM - Director of Civilian Marksmanship (Old CMP)
DCU - Desert Camouflage Uniform
DD - Destructive Device
DEWAT - Deactivated War Trophy
DEWC - Double Ended WadCutter
DFTT - Don't Feed the Troll
DH - Richard Cranium
DIAS - Drop In Auto Sear
DIY - Do It Yourself
DM - Designated Marksman
DOA - Dead On Arrival
DOD - Department of Defense
DODR - Do it Over, Do it Right
DOT - Department of Transportation
DROS - Dealer's Record of Sale
DRT - Dead Right There
DT - Double Tap

EBR - Evil Black Rifle
EBKDDERSFSCCFRTDACHSIBSDXTMELAWKITNBT - Evil Baby-Killing Death-Dealing Emergency-Room-Surgeon-Finger-Shredding Crime-Causing Flesh-Ripping Too-Dangerous-for-Average-Citizen Heat-Seeking Innocent-Bystander-Search-and-Destroy eXploding Tearing Maiming End-of- Life-As-We-Know-It Thermo-Nuclear Black Talons
EDC - Every Day Carry
EFMJ - Expanding Full Metal jacket
EMP - Electromagnetic Pulse
EMS - Emergency Medical Services
EMT - Emergency Medical Technician
ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival or Edited to Add

F2F - Face-To-Face
FA - Forward Assist, or Full Auto
FA - Full Auto
FA - Fulton Armory
FAR - Featherweight Assault Rifle
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
FC - Full Choke (Shotgun Choke)
FCG - Fire Control Group
FCSA - Fifty Caliber Shooter's Association
FDE - Flat Dark Earth
FF - Free Float/Floated/Floating
FFL - Federal Firearms License
FH - Flash Hider
FIL - Father-In-Law
FIRSH - Free Floating Integral Rail System Handguard
FLGC - Full Length Gas Check
FLS - Full-Length Sizing
FMC – Full Metal Case
FMJ - Full Metal Jacket
FN – Flat Nose
FOPA - Firearm Owners Protection Act (of 1986)
FP – Flat Point
FP - Firing Pin
FPS - Feet Per Second
FS - For Sale
FS - Flash Suppressor
FSB - Front Sight Base -or- Front Sight Block
FSP - Front Sight Post
FST - Front Sight Tower
FT - For Trade
FTE - Failure to Eject or Failure to Extract
FTEj - Fail To Eject
FTEx - Fail To Extract
FTF - Face To Face
FTF - Failure To Feed/Fire
FTW - For The Win
FUD - Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt
FWIW - For What It's Worth
FYI - For Your Information

G# - Glock Model Number X (eg. G19, G23, G26, G32, etc.)
GA - Gauge
GAP - Glock Automatic Pistol (.45 Caliber Variant)
GB - Group Buy
GC - Gas Checked
GCA - Gun Control Act (of 1968)
GD&R - Grin, Duck, & Run
GFZ - Gun-Free Zone
GG - Good Guy
GHB - Get Home Bag
GI - Government Issue
GMT - Greenwich Mean Time
GOW - Game Of Week
GP - Group Purchase
GPMG - General Purpose Machine Gun
Gr - Grains (1/7000th of a pound)
GSSF - Glock Sport Shooting Foundation
GTG - Good to Go

H&K - Heckler & Koch
H&R - Harrington & Richardson (i.e. .32 H&R Mag)
HB - Heavy Barrel
HB - Hollow Base
HBAR - Heavy Barrel
HC - Hard Cast
HCP - Handgun Carry Permit
HD - Heavy Duty
HD - Home Defense
HDC - Home Defense Carbine
HG - Handguard
Hg - Mercury
HGAC - Haven't Got A Clue
HHMB - Here, Hold my Beer
HMG - Heavy Machine Gun
HP - Hollow Point
HT - Heat Treated
HTS - Hammer, Trigger, Sear
HTWW - Heat Treated Wheel Weight
HWS - Holographic Weapon Sight

IAD - Immediate Action Drill
IANAG - I Am Not A Geek  
IANAL - I Am Not A Lawyer
IB4L - In Before the Lock (Thread Locked)
IBA - Individual Body Armor
IBS - International Benchrest Shooters
IBTL - In Before Thread Lock
IBZ - Improved Battlesight Zero
IC - Improved Cylinder (Shotgun Choke)
ICCF - Integrated Close Combat Forum
ICORE - International Confed.Revolver Enthusiasts
ID - Involuntary Discharge
ID-10-T - Idiot
IDK - I Don't Know
IDPA - International Defensive Pistol Association
IED - Improvised Explosive Device
IFF - Identification - Friend or Foe
IINM - If I’m Not Mistaken
IIRC - If I Recall Correctly
IM - Instant Message
IME - In My Experience
IMHO - In My Humble Opinion
IMNSHO - In My Not So Humble Opinion
IMO - In My Opinion
INCH - I'm Never Coming Home Bag
IMR - Improved Military Rifle (DuPont's name for some of its canister powders.)
IPSC - International Practical Shooting Confederation
IWB - In The Waistband Holster

JK or J/K - Just Kidding
JHP - Jacketed Hollow Point
JMB - John Moses Browning
JPW - Johnson Paste Wax
JSP - Jacketed Soft Point
JTTH - Just Trying to Help

KB - KaBoom!
KIA - Killed In Action
KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid
KYPD - Keep Your Powder Dry

L – Lead
L-C – Lead Combat
L-T – Lead Target
LBE - Load Bearing Equipment
LBV - Load Bearing Vest
LC - Lake City
LC - Long Colt (i.e. .45LC)
LCR - Lightweight Compact Revolver
LEA - Law Enforcement Agency
LEO - Law Enforcement Officer
LFN – Long Flat Nose
LFP – Lead Flat Point
LHP – Lead Hollow Point
LLA - Lee Liquid Alox
LLEA - Local Law Enforcement Agency
LMG - Light Machine Gun
LNIB - Like New In Box
LOL - Laughing Out Loud
Loob - Boolit Lube
LOP - Length Of Pull
LOS - Line Of Sight
LPK - Lower Parts Kit
LR - Long Rifle (i.e. .22LR)
LRN – Lead Round Nose
LSWC – Lead Semiwadcutter
LTC or LTCF - License to Carry Firearm
LULA - Loader/Unloader Accessory
LW - Lightweight
LWC - Lead Wad Cutter

M - Magnum
M1 - Garand
M1 - M1 Carbine 30cal
M&P - Military and Police
MAG - Magnum (i.e. .357 Magnum)
MAP - Minimum Advertised Price
MARS - Multipurpose Aiming Reflex Sight
MBR - Main Battle Rifle
MC - Metal Cased
MIA - Missing in Action
Middy - Short for mid-length
MIL - Mother-in-Law
Milspec - Military Specifications
Milsurp - Military Surplus
Mo - Molybdenum
MOA - Minute of Angle
MOB - Middle Of Back
MOD - Moderator
MOD - Modified Choke (Shotgun Choke)
MOLLE - Modular pouches that fit a LBE/LBV/Pack
MOS - Military Occupational Specialty
MOUT - Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain
MRE - Meal Ready to Eat
MRF - Modular Rail Forend
MRP - Monolithic Rail Platform
MRS - Modular Rail System
MRWC - Mid-Range WadCutter
MSFOA - MS State Firearm Owners Assn.
MSGO -MS Gun Owners
MSRP - Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price
MV - Muzzle Velocity
MWS - Modular Weapon System

NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NBC - Nuclear, Biological, Chemical
NBD - No Big Deal
NBRSA - National Bench Rest Shooters Association
NFA - National Firearms Act (of 1934)
Ni - Nickel
ND - Negligent Discharge
NOS - New Old Stock
NIB - New In Box
NICS - National Instant Criminal Background Check System
NIMBY - Not in My Back Yard
NIW - New In Wrapper
NM - National Match
NM - Never Mind
NOD - Night Observation Device
NOOB - Newbie
NOYB - None of Your Business
NP - No Problem
NR - Non-Resident
NRA - National Rifle Association
NRMA - National Reloading Manufacturers Association
NS - CMP North Store (Camp Perry OH)
NSFW - Not Safe For Work
NSSF - National Shooting Sports Foundation
NTS - Not Too Shabby
NVD - Night Vision Device

OAL - Overall Length
OB - Open Bore
OBO - Or Best Offer
OC - Open Choke
OD - Olive Drab
OF - Old Fart
OFIT - Old Fart in Training
OFS - Out Freakin’ Standing
OMG - Oh My Gosh
OMO - Only My Opinion
OOTB - Out Of The Box
OP - Original Post / Original Poster
OP - Observation Post
OS - Operating System
OSUT - One Stop Unit Training
OT - Off Topic
OTAL - Offset Tactical Aiming Laser
OTD - Out the Door
OTOH - On The Other Hand
OWB - Outside Waistband Holster

PAW - Post Apocalyptic World
Pb - Lead
PB – Lead Bullet
PB – Parabellum
PBR - Point Blank Range
PCIPC - Post Count is Post Count
PD - Police Department
PDW - Personal Defense Weapon
PHB - Pointy-Haired Boss
PM - Private Message
PM - Preventative Maintenance
PO - Police Officer
POA - Point of Aim
POA - Privat Owned Auto
POI - Point of Impact
POTUS - President Of The United States 
POV - Point of View
POV - Private Owned Vehicle
PPPOYPDNCEOMP - Piss Poor Planning on Your Part Does Not Constitute Emergency on My Part!
PPPPPPP - Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance
PPT - Private Party Transfer
PSI - Pounds Per Square Inch
PSK - Personal Survival Kit
PSP - Pointed Soft Point or Plated Soft Point
PTL&PTA - Praise the Lord - Pass the Ammunition

Q&A - Questions and Answers
QC - Quick Change
QCB - Quick Change Barrel
QD - Quick Detach

RAS - Rail Adapter System
RAW - Registered Assault Weapon
RCLG - Recoilless Gun
RDIAS - Registered Drop-In Auto Sear
RINO - Republican In Name Only
RIS - Rail Interface System
RKBA - Right To Keep and Bare Arms
RKI - Reasonably Knowledgeable Individual
RL - Range Lead
RN – Round Nose
RNFP – Round Nose Flat Point
RNL – Round Nosed Lead
RO - Range Officer
ROF - Rate Of Fire
ROTFL - Rolling On The Floor Laughing
ROTFLASTC - Rolling On The Floor Laughing And Scaring The Cat
RP - Remington Peters
RP - Range Report
RR - Registered Receiver

S&W - Smith & Wesson
S - Sulphur
SA - Springfield Armory
SA - Single Action
SA - Situational Awareness
SAAMI - Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute
SAF - Second Amendment Foundation
SAR - Small Arms Review
SAS - Second Ammendment Sisters
SASS - Single Action Shooting Society or Single Action Six Shooter
SASS - Semi Automatic Sniper System
SAW - Squad Automatic Weapon
Sb - Antimony
SBR - Short Barrelled Rifle
SBS - Short Barrelled Shotgun
SCAR - Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle
SCOTUS - Supreme Court Of The United States
SD - Shell Deflector
SERE - Survival, Evasion, Resistance, & Escape
SFW - Safe For Work
SIG - SIG Sauer
SIR - Selective Integrated Rail
SJ – Semi-Jacketed
SJHP – Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point
SKS - Samozaryadnaya Karabina Simonova
SJSP – Semi-Jacketed Soft Point
SLR - Self-Loading Rifle
SMG - Sub Machine Gun
SMLE - Short Magazine Lee Enfield
Sn - Tin
SO -Safty Officer or Significant Other
SOB - Small Of Back
SOCOM - Special Operations Command
SOF - Special Operations Forces
SOP - Standard Operating Procedure
SP – Soft Point
SP – Spire Point
Sp,SPTZ – Spitzer
SPC - Special Purpose Cartridge
SpHP – Spitzer Hollow Point
SPF -Sold Pending Funds
SPL - Special (i.e. .38SPL)
SPR - Special Purpose Rifle
SS - CMP South Store (Anniston, AL)
SS - Stainless Steel
SSp – Semi-Spitzer
SST – Hornady Super Shock Tip
STHP – Silver Tip Hollow Point
ST – Silver Tip
SUM - Stainless Ultra Match
SUR - Sport Utility Rifle
SWAG - Scientific Wild Ass Guess
SWAT - Special Weapons and Tactics
SWC - Semi-Wadcutter
SWMBO -She Who Must Be Obeyed
SYA - See You Around
SxS - Side by Side (Shotgun - Double Rifle)

TANSTAAFL - There Ain't no such Thing as a Free Lunch
TARFU - Things Are Really Fouled Up
TC – Truncated Cone
TCH - Tactical Carry Handle
TEOTWAWKI - The End Of The World As We Know It
TIA - Thanks in Advance
TLA - Three Letter Acronym
TM - Technical Manual
TMH - Too Many Hobbies
TMJ – Total Metal Jacket
TN - Tin
TTHR - Take the High Road
TTIWWP - This Thread is Worthless Without Pictures
TTT - To The Top
TTW - Taunting the Wookie
TYD - To Your Door (as in selling)

UBR - Utility/Battle Rifle
UD - Unintentional Discharge
URX - Upper Receiver eXtension
USGI - United States Government Issue
USPSA - United States Practical Shooting Ass.

VFG - Vertical Fore/Forward/Front Grip
VLD - Very Low Drag

WC - Wad Cutter
WCS - Worst Case Scenario
WCF - Winchester Center Fire
WDWW - Water Dropped Wheel Weights
WFN - Wide Flat Nose
WFO - Wide Freakin' Open  
WIN - Winchester (i.e. .308WIN)
WMR - Winchester Magnum Rimfire (.22 WMR)
WOT - War On Terror
WP - Willie Peter
WP - White (Smokeless) Powder
WQ - Water Quenched
WRT - With Regard To/With Respect To
WSSM - Winchester Super Short Magnum
WTB - Want To Buy
WTG - Way To Go
WTS - Want To Sell
WTSHTF - When the Sh!t Hits the Fan
WTT - Want To Trade
WMD - Weapons of Mass Destruction
WW - Wheel Weight
WWB - Winchester White Box
WIP - Work In progress
WYSIWYG - What You See is What You Get

XCR - eXchangeable Caliber Rifle

YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary
YRMV - Your Results May Vary

Z - Zero
Zeds - Zombies
Zn - Zinc
ZPAW - Zombie Post Apocalyptic World
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