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Found a useful, cheap DIY reloading tool for .223

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I had some reloads that were left in a wet ammo can. The clips rusted and the powder soaked up moisture.
hammer pulling these .223 rounds was tough, I guess from the corrosion and crimp.

I took the tip of a demilled m16 barrel (cut off at the h-g cap) in hand and used it to "bend" the bullet in the case, breaking free the neck tension. Demilling the ammo became a whole lot easier because I could pull the bullets out by hand.

this is more or less a de-loading tool :)
When I can locate a shot out M1 garand barrel, that will be handy for demilling .30 ammo..
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since when is a $25 RCBS Kinetic bullet puller expensive? :thinking:

worst part is all the messing around with the case necks in your method.....If they are rusty etc How do you ever get the brass in good shape again

I dunno...
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