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Found Old-New Garands - Not New-New Ones!

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Seems CMP came across some brand new OLD Garands that were never issued! I am told most are Springfields with a few H&R mixed in. These were discovered in a shipment from overseas and there seems to be a couple hundred of them. My understanding is they are left overs from the Korean War production -- NEVER ISSUED! Maybe if I sell all I own, I can pick one of these up! Pictures Anyone?

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Just a side note, not to hijack the thread. If you are ever around Louisville KY, go by Ft Knox. They have the Patton Museum and they had his S&W .357's on display. Lots of cool tanks like the King Tiger and a bunch more. Went to son's Cav Scout graduation. Mother loved it because they had an Elvis (he was a cav scout) loaner display, couldn't drag my Mom away from that.

Back to the topic - if I were born rich and not so good looking (yeah, right) I'd love to get ahold of one of them Captain. Nice pics BTW.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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