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Found Old-New Garands - Not New-New Ones!

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Seems CMP came across some brand new OLD Garands that were never issued! I am told most are Springfields with a few H&R mixed in. These were discovered in a shipment from overseas and there seems to be a couple hundred of them. My understanding is they are left overs from the Korean War production -- NEVER ISSUED! Maybe if I sell all I own, I can pick one of these up! Pictures Anyone?

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I would assume that they all will be auctioned on the CMP site and not sold directly. I would not attempt to guess what they may bring. I do know that CMP auctioned a pair of new H&R Garands in original factory boxs, serial numbers 5531539 & 5531060 (12/54), and the pair sold for $22,505.00. I guess the original boxes were probably worth $5,000 or more to a collector.

msredneck said:
...5K for a box?.... :sheep:
-- two boxes!! :bigtu: :blol:
Swede62 -- I am with you on that one ... I have plenty to just shoot. It would be about "history" and having something different.
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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