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Found Old-New Garands - Not New-New Ones!

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Seems CMP came across some brand new OLD Garands that were never issued! I am told most are Springfields with a few H&R mixed in. These were discovered in a shipment from overseas and there seems to be a couple hundred of them. My understanding is they are left overs from the Korean War production -- NEVER ISSUED! Maybe if I sell all I own, I can pick one of these up! Pictures Anyone?

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I love it. I got a Garand from SOG about two months ago and they were in actually in good condition and I got the grade II for 495 plus shipping which it was 509 all together. I got the guns in two days also. They are really fast.

P.S. :sheep: I have never seen something so BEAUTIFUL! :bow:
From what I hear CMP takes forever to get your guns. I guess they want you to be anxious when you get them.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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