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Found Old-New Garands - Not New-New Ones!

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Seems CMP came across some brand new OLD Garands that were never issued! I am told most are Springfields with a few H&R mixed in. These were discovered in a shipment from overseas and there seems to be a couple hundred of them. My understanding is they are left overs from the Korean War production -- NEVER ISSUED! Maybe if I sell all I own, I can pick one of these up! Pictures Anyone?

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They won't last a day...CMP will be buried in Apps...bet they are proud of 'em also
at 22K a pair they might actually last a few days...Auction will slow things down quite a bit....

I won't be bidding :)

5K for a box?.... :sheep:
I'll assume that the boxes aint very valuable without the guns...at 22K for a pair, Gen Patton himself will have had to shot and killed Germans with 'em

Now talking about a "pair"...How about Patton's Irory handled revo's....wonder what they'd fetch LOL

Must be nice to have that kinda funds.

Guess Orest whiped out some nice "toys" just in time for the Holidays
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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