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Several years ago I sold my Rossi M92 in .38/.357 and regretted doing so almost immediately. I replaced it with a Winchester 94 16" carbine in .357, but it just wasn't the same, all modern and stuff.

Today I was in a pawn shop and saw something on a rack behind the desk. "What's that?" I asked.

"That's a Rossi lever action. A fancy one."

It's got a 24" barrel and case hardening of the frame, buttplate, and lower tang. Oh yeah, and it has an octagon barrel with traditional buckhorn and blade sights. And it had just come out of pawn onto the sales floor but hadn't made it to the main long gun rack yet.

One thing led to another, so I ended up making an offer, which the proprietor kindly accepted. At home I put a dozen light .38s loaded with 125-grain truncated cone "cowboy" bullets in the magazine and took a few shots at a target set up on the pistol berm in the front yard. It wasn't hard to hit.

Pretty rifle, and it will go well with the more traditional direction my recent acquisitions have gone.

Pictures in a day or two.
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