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Y'all looking for a good .22wmr 40 grn, Mitch's in Hamilton got in a couple cases yesterday. Sticker shock was severe, but nobody else locally has any 40grn .22wmr at any price. I bought 3 boxes of 50. If you're not familiar with this ammo it's a soft point jacketed round. I haven't shot it yet, but it cycles well in my RPR, and I expect it will be as accurate & consistent as any other CCI wmr ammo that I've used for many years.

Running the factory numbers thru JBM, it's still supersonic at 150yds w/126ftlbs energy, and only a 8" drop from a 50yd zero. :D I'll have to chrono this stuff to check the actual MV one of these days.

Ballistics, etc. below:

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