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Franchi SPAS-12? Folding stock? Magazine extension?

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Anyone have one of these? I have one on the way. Its an older version with the fixed stock, but I would really like to have the folding stock. I have done a brief google search, but came up with nothing. Anyone have any leads on where I could find one of these?

Lastly, I ran across a website that questioned whether adding the magazine extension would make it a NFA item. If the mag ext makes it an NFA item, I'm assuming it would be considered a DD since the bore is over .5" and may not meet ATF/NFA's "for sporting purposes" definition.But i do not know for sure.

Hopefully, someone more educated than I will chime in with some input?
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I also have the SPAS-12. Mine has the J hook with the folding stock and the upgraded safety. Don't know about the magazine extension tube but the guys at the referenced websites probably do.

Best way to get the parts needed is to look on Gunbroker but be prepared to PAY.

Good luck in your search
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