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Franklin project issues

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It has been brought to my attention that their may be a small issue with the Franklin project knives, please check the handle on your knife to see if their is any epoxy oozing out, I dought it is all the knives because I mixed up several batchs of epoxy, Anyone who has this issue please me a pm, send it back and allow me to fix it for you.
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Beladran said:
this is what E is talking about
You expose it to high temp's or chemicals? Mine hasn't had any trouble.

Evan, that should be an easy fix except any solvents. If we get it, send to you or try to clean them ourselves. If so, what do you recommend?
msredneck said:
will check mine...not sure where it is right now...house renovation is a terrible thing
Yeah, I feel your pain. And I think my wife's been throwing out some of my stuff while we're doing some small stuff. Be hell raised if I catch her but she's slick as owl droppings.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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