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Franklin project updates

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Alright guys this is about to get rolling first these are the people I have deposits from as of 2/28
11. Slabsides45.....$50

2. I have spoken with the waterjetter the blanks are being done now don't know when they will be in I hope soon

Once the waterjetter gets done I can roll playing the waiting game now
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msredneck said:
Maybe if ya'll went ahead and paid in FULL...we'd get some work out of ole E. Martin

I will pay extra for the canted sheath like Shooter. Any of you two knife buying fella's need some help, I'll buy yours for $75.
Can't wait, thanks for the update. Hope you feel better so you can enjoy some of this nice weather.
Now that's a man who's ready for his knife. Saw the pic a few times and never spotted that. Garrett, them goggles must be magnified. I think we go us a double naught spy in our midst with that keen an eye.
What 'Neck said.
I really like your logo on one of your knives I saw.
On a side note, we gonna be able to let you know what cant we want and which side to draw from? (likely been asked before but I would like a cross-draw at a near level cant if we can so as not to be on the same side as my IWB holster).
They're starting to look good! You might as well post pics of the gobblers ya got when you update the knife pics. Got a lot of work done, ya might as well throw in a turkey with every knife.
Thought just struck me (and that ain't often) - I hope you ain't a big fisherman.
msredneck said:
...I'm getting to be an old man
You're already an old man, jk, too easy a shot. Evan, don't you let them vultures pick through them knives at M&G II since I'll be out of town. If you do, I'll give 'Neck my proxy to pick mine since I get first pick (from the first meeting of the paid up members). I'll pick it up from Evan since I'm close to Brandon. 'Neck, I take back my old man comment, you ain't THAT old.
e.martin said:
Won't be at M&G II gonna be in ARK with big D

well back to the shop

oh that gives me an Idea we may have to have a little knife M&G when these are done or at least everyone in this area meet to pic them up
That sounds good, I'd check the color of some of these fella's money first. I'll buy any that any of them dead beats don't pick up (or have died waiting). Southerlands' would be a good central place to meet, just a suggestion, kind of central located and everyone should know where that is.
Don't rush to get them out, I paid for your quality and ain't got anybody to stick so don't let these fella's get you in no hurry. Remember, it's your stamp on the side so put out the best product possible.
'Neck, you did make me feel good knowing that hundy is only worth $27.82 now. Friends will sure be jealous of knife like that for that price.
1 - 8 of 84 Posts
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