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Franklin project updates

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Alright guys this is about to get rolling first these are the people I have deposits from as of 2/28
11. Slabsides45.....$50

2. I have spoken with the waterjetter the blanks are being done now don't know when they will be in I hope soon

Once the waterjetter gets done I can roll playing the waiting game now
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I hear you guys :blah: :lol4:
gonna start grinding today sit tight and play nice and I might post some pics of progress this week
I do not at home now but I have a nice little suprise for you guys when I get home
had the flu for the last couple days but I couldn't let you guys down
so here you go this week got the holes popped, lines scribed, and blades ground gonna HT this weekend hopefully (starting to feel better)

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and ordering handle material now
Xd357 said:
I think he's been turkey hunting by looking at that last pic.

I like it.
huh :scratch: what do you see that makes you think that :D
alright alright pics to come soon handle material not in hopefully tomorrow. i hate ups :yell:
sidroski said:
What 'Neck said.
I really like your logo on one of your knives I saw.
On a side note, we gonna be able to let you know what cant we want and which side to draw from? (likely been asked before but I would like a cross-draw at a near level cant if we can so as not to be on the same side as my IWB holster).
if you want it almost horizontal we will just do a cross draw because leather has a good bit of play and it should sit where you want it after a couple of uses but if I slant it it will probably be to much after a while
pics tomorrow I promise made alot of progress since you saw them last
right out of heat treat starting to clean them up

cleaned up ready for stencils

etched ready for handles

wont be long now boys
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no turkeys I've been chasing those things five years and still haven't killed one .

I do fish alot more than anything else

Won't be at M&G II gonna be in ARK with big D

well back to the shop

oh that gives me an Idea we may have to have a little knife M&G when these are done or atleast everyone in this area meet to pic them up
hey I have to clear the sheath table of old product before these can hit the table

a nibbles coming in just a few
I know its been a long wait but the knives will be finished in a week or two :D
Thanks for the kind words guys
knives are done just need sheaths now should be a week or two
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