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Frodos pain relief recipe

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Only 2 ingredients needed
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Quick way to go to jail if you get caught with that bottle with half the scrip label gone.
Actually that is not true.I thought it was myself, till I looked it up. It is advisable to carry your prescriptions in original container but it is not against the law to use a container like a 7 day pill box. As long as the pharmacy or Dr can verify. Carrying narcotics in a unmarked container is A-OK
If the Dr or pharmacy can not verify, then you are in deep doo doo
Better have prescription/ bottle / receipt with your name though, 😏.
No one is going to be all up in my bathroom with out a warrant
I do not see a problem, Now, if their was a Leo in my house with a warrant then I have much bigger problems than a silly ass label
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Liquid Water Automotive lighting Fluid Wood

My rock collection
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About ten minutes ago

Brown Wood Floor Flooring Tints and shades
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I am drunk, and I know everything when I am drunk, just ask me anything and I will be like the shake it up 8 ball, cause I am I tune with the cosmos or a out of space alien or maybe the deer tell me stuff via a web cam and a hidden mic
I dunno but I do know that when you drink whiskey, you know stuff, scientists proved it when they got drunk and thought about climate control. They mapped it all out but rugged up on the date it was to take place
Was it the wrong kind of whisky? Or maybe they did not eat the worm, that is important
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I have a new stone brewing
Here’s how I know
I had a full stream of pee
Then it shut off to a dribble
Side started hurtiing
Now y stumoch hurts my back hurts pain meds and whiskeyg are a joker for

dang this one is going to be huge
Up date. It has moved from the kidney area
Pain is gone
It must be either in the bladder or stint
I am guessing from past stones, this one will be plopped out in the early morning trip to the urinal. Not looking forward to that
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What a sucky ending this is
Long story short
Had to take a dump while out and about
Plopped a big stone in the bowl and
I ain’t going fishing in no bowl full of :poop:
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