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Front Rest for F-Class

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what are most using for their front rest in f-class? Its time for me to upgrade my old rest and am interested in what most are using.

narrowed down to
JJ Industries
Farley CoaxII
Sinclair Comp br rest

Suspect i may have to setup for increased hight adjustment of the legs to account for the prone position over the bench position. What are others using- looking for some first hand information before i shell out any money. May be some better suited alternatives out there they dont cost arm and leg.
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I use the Sinclair Generation II rest with the windage adjustment.
There are a couple other people that use them at Bogue Chitto and some use the Caldwell BR . There is a assortment at some of the bigger matches I've gone to, a lot of it is just personal preferance. Definatelly get one with windage adjustment and get the larger feet if you plan on shooting F-Class. I have seen some using the joy stick models but to me it just seems like it would be awkward. But the guy that won the Louisiana state championship was using one, it was pretty all chromed out looked more like a expresso machine than a rest.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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