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Kerry Carver shooting the New Railed upper and New Buffer tube from BHW and also loving the Eotech sight...

Kerry giving the New Piston system a run ,,, worked great.. :thumbup:

Another member trying out the New Railed upper and Bobtails in the background hitting the 800 yd ram with BHW long range setup

Tony Tebbe making 800 yd shots on a steel ram with the New Railed upper from BHW

We even got the young Ms Tebbe involed in shooting her first Center fire with the Eotech she was able to hit the 200 meter Ram almost every shot. We also Presented her with a Brand New 223 barrel that night at the Banquet. Time to build her a gun Tony.

220 all busniess...

All in all i think the Dragon head Break and the New Railed upper and Buffer tube was a hit for everyone. And BHW is taking orders on them now, so if i can help in anyway just let me know..Also want to give a thanks to Eotech for making a very nice sight it was sure a hit on our guns with the crowd.. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
Thanks Billy

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SubGunFan said:
Nice pictures..... Thanks for sharing.

Please post a picture of the rams at 800yds.

Yes, I would love to "see" downrange! Looks like ya'll had a lot of fun out there ... would love to TRY something like that ....
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