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Gander mountain false advertising

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I was in the GM in Hattiesburg today and in the reloading sections they have posted 25% OFF ALL RELOADING ITEMS, to me this means everything reloading i.e. powder, bullets and primers along with presses, dies etc. I picked up a few pounds of powder along with brass polish along with a data book and when I went to check out they then decided to tell me it's only on the equipment i.e. presses and dies. I just called Andy the manager there and he told me to come back and they will make it right. I just wanted to let everyont know this before they think otherwise.
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I have to go back up there to the store for it. It's only $22 so it's not worth a special trip but they said just keep the receipt and they will make it right when I do get in there.
Haha when I called and talked to the manager he said he will be making a new one today. Wouldn't be a bad idea tho haha.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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