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Where would you plant one? We don't have any ideal spot for a garden. All of our land is sloping down hill and shaded almost completely so it makes planting a garden difficult. For survival I know you will have already canned and put a lot of food from the garden but what I want to know is if we are in a every man for himself type survival situation where would you plant a garden? You don't want it where its easily seen by anyone that happens by cause ya don't want your means of survival stolen.
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I'm in the same boat, but I have a small area that gets sunshine most of the day.

I assure you that nothing worthwhile (and nothing edible) grows in deep shade.

The way I figure things, I'll need firewood if things go bad; so it will be a self-correcting situation. If/when that happens I'll have more sun as soon as I cut a few trees.

As far as slopes, you have got to plant in horizontal rows, of course.
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