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GC3G February 24th Match! Now with more tacticalness!

Discussion in 'Multigun' started by Jeret.Howard, Feb 13, 2018 at 9:01 AM.

  1. Jeret.Howard

    Jeret.Howard Distinguished Poster

    We have added a fun division for those who don't see the benefit of competition shotgun!


    -3 seconds per stage for chest rig, must have armor. (KEVLAR or Plate)

    -2 seconds per stage for kevlar helmet or tactical helmet.

    *No double stack single action only (SAO) pistols.
    *Must start hammer forward if DA/SA.
    *Pistol lights must be operational.
    *15 round magazine limit. Can be downloaded.
    *Otherwise limited division rules apply.

    *AR-15 pattern rifle
    *Fixed magnification optics or iron sights allowed.
    *If magnifier is used on a red dot, it HAS to be affixed in magnified position for duration of the match.
    *30 round magazine maximum. Basepads allowed if they do not add any capacity.
    *Offset irons are not allowed. Backup irons or cowitnessed are.
    *Otherwise limited division rules apply.

    *Pump action shotguns only
    *8 round tube max (plugs okay in extended tubes)
    *Detachable mags under 5 rounds or downloaded allowed
    *Otherwise limited division rules apply.

    The goal of this is to not be stupid restrictive but to still have a completely different division than limited, still be encouraging to new shooters, and be a place for military and police to exercise their duty gear as well as new shooters who have defensive gear at home. I’ve been asked why no double stack SAOs. The only common double stack SAOs are race guns. They have been eliminated to allow for a more competitive division for defensive / duty gear.

    Click link below to register!

    GC3G February 24th Multi Gun at MCTA
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  2. nonnieselman

    nonnieselman Nocturnal Specialties

    Does this subtract the time per stage as a handicap?

  3. Jeret.Howard

    Jeret.Howard Distinguished Poster

    It helps. Not sure if handicap is the word. Bonus time.
  4. mosher

    mosher Distinguished Poster